The 1403921199th blog

Hello, good day, greetings.

This is the inevitable raison d’etre, excuses, justifications and other tedious ramblings you might expect at the very inception of the 1403921199th blog in the Universe (and that’s a conservative estimate).

I have a place to post artwork, and a home for my band’s music, I have attempted to kick off various other blogs and things to no avail. This is the next (and final?) attempt to start something that might stick.

More writing, whether creative, reviewing or just general chinwagging. Also I am migrating my very slow scrapbook blog Kettle of Fish over here (‘Treasured Trove from the Scrapbook of Serendipity’).

I pronounce this web journal open, and I hope it won’t run aground within half a dozen posts…


About johnnynorms

I write lyrics & sing them in the Many Few, illustrated by doodle art:
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5 Responses to The 1403921199th blog

  1. ian russell says:

    How are you finding WordPress compared to Blogger?

    I always confuse myself whether to separate my stuff into purpose blogs or just lump it all together in one. It’s shocking how many blogs I’ve created on blogger. Of course, like an iceberg, nine tenths of them aren’t visible to the public eye. It doesn’t help that I start a new one every time I find, or think of, a catchy name.

  2. johnnynorms2 says:

    WordPress comes across as a much more professional affair, which I like, but the end result is.. a blog with pictures just as ever.

    Are you leaving a trail of blogs behind? I guess that’s the best way, especially if you get a fair number of comments – if the blog goes, they all go too.

    • ian russell says:

      There was something on the radio the other day about this. The need for exposure, confession, cathartic expression, sociability, and leaving a mark on the world (- versus anonymity, privacy, and prudence, of course). I can’t remember much of what was said but it’s an old debate now anyway.

      I think the reason I do it is because I feel creative, get joy from creativity, and it’s free. Where do they all end up? Well, electronic memory is dirt cheap, they say, so there’s no necessity to erase, but the world, we know, is finite, so….

      Did you see they’ve just published Mark Twain’s personal papers 100 years after his passing, as he requested. He was lucky he didn’t blog!

  3. ian russell says:

    I looked at WordPress years ago and liked its apparent flexibility – more than just a blog. You had to pay a fee then – I don’t know if you still do – so I settled for Blogger, at least you could tinker with the layout. I like to tinker, me.

  4. johnnynorms2 says:

    No fees for this level of WordPressing, which is pretty much all I want. Fiddling with the template can only go so far though.

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