Random thoughts and all the rest

What might appear in my twisty turny posts:

Random thoughts, music appreciation, lighthouses, birds nests, made-up names, art, frazzled poetry, Sherlock Holmes, surreal and non-surreal fish, mutterings, musings, chocolate, wicked websites, good reads, bicycles, photography, Bela Bartok, vegetables, frosty mornings, chessboards, films, stories, puns, punchlines, pinchlines, Thomas Hardy, giraffes, listomania, labyrinths, rockets, Miro, cartoons, puffins, Alice, assorted gubbins, all or none of the above.

Random throouts, reciation, lighthfins, Alimusic appce, assouses, birts, made-tes, gods, bup names, maolmnia, labyrart, frazies, , punzled poockds nes Hspuns, surrn-seal and nourreal fimuttables, rerings, musings, choced websiicycles, photlmseoy, Belaod rea Barsh, tok, vegetnssboa fgh sty mordsetry, Sherl, fi, storchlines, pnes, Thomaolate, wicks Harffes, listoinths, rocdy, girakets, Mirings, cheo, cainchlirtoons, puforted gubbgraphins, all or none of the above.


About johnnynorms

I write lyrics & sing them in the Many Few, illustrated by doodle art: themanyfew1.bandcamp.com
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