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This Year’s Advent

Here’s a clutch of online advent calendars – traditional, innovative or alternative – for those who still enjoy the day-to-day door-opening treat that these things bring. Hey no really! One has films from around Europe even. UPDATED 7/12 Boston Globe … Continue reading

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A Ram Sang

Or rather ANAGRAMS. The play thing of the idle semi-boffin. We (Rachel and myself) rather like the challenge of very short anagrams – spelling and grammar not essential. So far, we’ve tackled the words ANAGRAM, and TEDIUM. These are haiku-angrams … Continue reading

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Squirrels, Pointlessness & Feigned Grumpiness

Not been in the mood to write up anything. I am writing spontaneously now just to break the spell a little. The squirrels are running rife in the local green spaces, as though they stereotypically can’t remember where they put … Continue reading

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Cloning around

At last the band met again (4/5s anyway), for another proper studio rehearsal (now we are inducting a drummer), and one more teetering step back to gigging and potential sorta fame. The old fav “Where I Work” got a tweak, … Continue reading

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Query Knobs

I dreamt last night that an old school friend had opened a joke shop in our childhood village. I was walking down a road that combined that place with a couple of roads in Brighton (trying to get to a … Continue reading

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Now that I’ve read that Italian writer Svevo is the ‘chronicler of the modern non-man-of-action, the fantasist, the anti-hero’ whose characters are ‘adept at pyschoanalysing themselves..not good at succeeding at what they most desire: writing’ยน, and I undoubtedly relate as … Continue reading

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Ghastly fruit darkness

Spontaneous stream-of-consciousness writing. I must do it again sometime, but this is from 5/5/03. Drawing is entitled Castor and Lightning, done earlier this year. Ghastly fruit darkness pushing into ear-fragment nose-fragrance grasshopper jumpiness, barrelling longways past snoot-points rubbed with grey … Continue reading

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Samuel Pepys

In our age of the world-and-her-husband busily self publishing their day-to-day thoughts, feelings and assorted shennanigans, would Samuel Pepys, the famous English Restoration diarist, have been a special voice blogging and tweeting, or just one in the ocean of wittering … Continue reading

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Red Ted not Ded

Innocent bystander gets the Halloween treatment. Bobbing for apples got the health-and-safety-gone-mad treatment: news item. I don’t think my teeth could take full force apple biting these days. I enjoyed some chocolate severed heads instead. Those two sentences are directly … Continue reading

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