Ghastly fruit darkness

Spontaneous stream-of-consciousness writing. I must do it again sometime, but this is from 5/5/03. Drawing is entitled Castor and Lightning, done earlier this year.

Ghastly fruit darkness pushing into ear-fragment nose-fragrance grasshopper jumpiness, barrelling longways past snoot-points rubbed with grey juniper dust. Posh nosh learned estuary eatableness. Gob-smacked. God-smacked. Ransacked by the ratty pack. Park your ratmobile where it won’t get snaffled. The big snaffler is on the loose again, trying so hard to lose it. Hard bard gritting teeth and girding loins. Lengthening lightning strikes twice on my teething thunder, trying to sound like the real thing and not theatre metal sheet shuddering. Wobbleboard bored by Rolf’s chin wagging mixture of daubs and sprats in splints. Pets het-up by Pete’s Portentious Treatment. Treat or trickment. Bag full of emptiness. Box emptied of fullness. Light shinining out bright darkness. Brian’s brain scrambled again. Nifty noose thrown over gangling necks – who’s next. Bread basket, lost in the fathomless casket. Crumpled up face throwing itself away in a waste-face bin. Lumpy lamps light the camp way to feathery fathers changing nappies, then swapping babies. Clamping cars, with flashing tits nervously punching hyper-holes in the criminal darkness.

You’ve heard of hose-pipe ban. Can you have a pose-hype ban. That’s the sort of thing I’d like to ban!

Incidentally, this being such a random post, I see that WordPress is helpfully suggesting the following tags: Wine tasting descriptors, Joseph Cotterill, FT Alphaville, Lightning strike. And related articles: A delayed dodgy dark pool, Mind-controlled rat mobile, Wattle and Daub, Bacon Candy by Nosh This.


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I write lyrics & sing them in the Many Few, illustrated by doodle art:
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5 Responses to Ghastly fruit darkness

  1. ian russell says:

    Is it a rap, or maybe a William Borroughs type thing? A poem. You should record it.

    (I find I am already signed up for wordpress – it must have escaped my memory until I tried to sign up again. Still getting to grips with the controls; it’s a bit like facing the console of an A380 airbus compared to balloon flight Blogger).

  2. johnnynorms2 says:

    Yes not a bad comparison. Don’t blanch at the airbus controls, it becomes second nature before you can say Five and Fourty Fidgeting Fish Flying Faster For Fun (ok, maybe 50 times). There’s a lot you could use, but the balloon essentials come to the fingertips quite readily.

    Those words are in store with many more should the right recording situation arise – also possible drawing triggers/titles.

  3. ian russell says:

    (ah, my avatar didn’t show. log in)

    yes, I’ll persevere to see if I like it. one reason for doing so is the ”pages” facility, though I see blogger has pages now. but not sub-pages! heh-heh-heh. nor sub-sub-pages. it could be fun.

  4. johnnynorms says:

    Sub let a sub page. I haven’t let loose on the pages yet. They promise the makings of a website…

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