A Ram Sang

Or rather ANAGRAMS. The play thing of the idle semi-boffin. We (Rachel and myself) rather like the challenge of very short anagrams – spelling and grammar not essential. So far, we’ve tackled the words ANAGRAM, and TEDIUM. These are haiku-angrams perhaps. I can’t explain – just have a look at our combined results:

Bloke with rubbish cart/floppy doll – A rag man
Egyptian graphic novel – Ra manga
Dorset man gets excited over Japanese strips – Ar! Manga!
Streetwise rapping male sheep – Anga ram
Got grandchildren – Am a Gran
Was editor for a time – Ran a mag
Hippie’s nightmare – Aarg – ‘Nam!!

John’s opening salvo:
Hesitant healthy eating – Um..Diet
Fat cockney might want to – ‘ide tum
the God of Dogs – Mut Dei
a kaput princess – Mute Di
the sea bringing in a load of floating cows – Mu tide
Rachel came back with:
Baby’s first words – um tedi
French bird speaks – Emu dit
Cow film-maker – Edit mu
American university website – mit.edu
That shut them up – I muted

Precious Ink, by Johnnynorms


About johnnynorms

I write lyrics & sing them in the Many Few, illustrated by doodle art: themanyfew1.bandcamp.com
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2 Responses to A Ram Sang

  1. ian russell says:

    there you go, Na Grama – spelling and grammar not essential, innit? Nag Rama – incessant prayers to Hindu deity.

  2. johnnynorms says:

    Ian, that is very much THE spirit of the thing, ta muchly.

    Also, stay away from Agra Man – he’s a nasty piece of work.

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