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Daily Dosage

[Recently posted on my Elbowroom blog] I am contemplating a create-a-day project, and for this in my mind I’m really thankful to fellow blogger Andrea. She is thinking of creating and publishing a doodle a day over next year, and … Continue reading

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R.I.P Don Van Vliet

The unique musician, poet, painter and generally inspirational creative soul, better known as Captain Beefheart, has died aged 69. Thanks for everything you gave us Don, many will be mourning you up and down the ether.

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Book review: That Hideous Strength

Here goes – my first ever book review, which is going up on the Goodreads website. C.S.Lewis: That Hideous Strength, 1945 C.S.Lewis concludes his unique space trilogy, following Mars and Venus with a show-down on Earth.   This curiosity of … Continue reading

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Christian Marclay’s The Clock

Way after the actual visit, I am reviewing my experience of Christian Marclay‘s video art work “The Clock”. I first came across Marclay improvising on turntables with John Zorn. He doesn’t only put vinyl under his styli – other surfaces … Continue reading

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Web Presents

I wrote the following list of my ‘web presence’ though most of them I’m far from present. Crazy amount of places, and I’m sure I’m quite a moderate networker (shy you see). Here goes: Blogger, Facebook, Flickr, Myspace, Virb, Twitter, … Continue reading

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Johnnynorms whimsical tour of the web #2

In other words, my favourite website recommends. I haven’t rewritten this re-post from an old blog, but I have cast my eye over Coconino World, and it is much as before, with even more new content. I have mended the … Continue reading

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