Daily Sound Project

Aim. To create a daily audio doodle for a year. Audio doodle is a wide remit – it could be: a whispered voice, a guitar loop, cut and paste, sound collage, song snippet, wall of chords, random notes, lengthy improvisation, field recording. What I think it won’t be is – a polished song or instrumental track, although it might have the seeds to grow into such.

ConsternationsWhy? Apart from it’s being fun and thrilling to do, it’s a way of bringing habitual sound recording experiment back into my life. I used to make a lot of time to try things out, whereas these days music activity seems confined to writing songs and rehearsing them for performance.

Get out clause. I imagine I might not keep it going for a year. This doesn’t matter. At the moment, a year is my intention. We will see how it goes. Also, I am prepared to say “today is a blank, there is no result for today” if there really is no chance of squeezing it into that day’s schedule.

And drawing? Will it affect my drawing activities? I am not planning to do any less, music and drawing have long had an equal importance in my life. What I hope is that increased creativity in one area will inspire and kick into action the other. Writing is the link that bridges together the audio and the visual, and that will play a part too.

It’s started. Here’s the first two sound doodles: Jan 1 – Clang; Jan 2 – Free Range Clang. So far just using electronic percussion device and software – it’s a good way of experimenting without annoying the neighbours in the evening.


About johnnynorms

I write lyrics & sing them in the Many Few, illustrated by doodle art: themanyfew1.bandcamp.com
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