Daily Sound project – thoughts

Eavesdropping ArtTwo thirds of January in, and my post-a-daily-sound-doodle project is still going strong, but for how long. A year is obviously preposterous for this undertaking, unless I resort to the barest of audio sketches (switch on, put fingers in ears, go bleeeaaaaaahhh, post to blog), but much to the contrary I would like to spend yet more time on some of the ideas that are trickling out of my woodwork brain.

I’m finding that my resources are a little limited. Audacity software plus voice, guitar, drum machine, assorted found sounds, and motley instruments. The advantage of not having banks of effects, keyboards, synths and so on, mean that I have to bring in invention the mother of necessity – my resourcefulness is put on its creative back foot to stay in the game. Unfortunately my resourcefulness can be a brittle, unyielding thing, especially at 11pm when the pressure is on and the neighbours are in.

As for the results so far, well I’m too near the project to objectively report back, but I’m pleased to note some new song snippets have been brought in to existence, but I’m sure I meant to experiment rather more. I hope to see at the middle of the venn diagram of song, instrumental and experiment, a beautiful hub of where the three meet in perfect harmony. Not yet sunshine!

Pick of the bunch for me so far:
Ocean of Notions & Oily Substance


About johnnynorms

I write lyrics & sing them in the Many Few, illustrated by doodle art: themanyfew1.bandcamp.com
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3 Responses to Daily Sound project – thoughts

  1. ian russell says:

    I’m having a bit of trouble keeping up with these. I fear web access at my new job is restricted. Or they’ve given me a dodgy machine!

    Daily is quite a burden, I think. How about a weekly review of however many you’ve produced in a week? I like the low tech approach; I’d be happy to hear a pair of spoons more than a synthetic sound anyday.

  2. johnnynorms says:

    I reckon daily to the end of March tops, but see how it goes. I’ll pare it away to the best afterwards – also Soundcloud only gives me 2 hrs recording time unless I go pro.
    Now I’ve broken the ice on including sounds & music in amongst my pics, after March they’ll drop in from time to time. Next step is to work out how to have different clickable areas in the same drawing which can play simultaneous noises.

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