Unsound daily?

Guitar stringsI am in a quandry whether to carry on this daily sound thing now that I’ve done a month’s worth. Is this exercise going anywhere, or am I treading old ground to little avail? Is this what I need to be spending time on right now? Is daily just too much, and I should devote the time to a few of the more promising ideas?

If the aim is to explore my music/sound making tools to hand, then it’s got me started, but maybe what I’m using could do with some updating. I’m particularly jaded by the sound of my rhythm box, it sort of makes things sound like I haven’t moved on much. Maybe I haven’t.

If the aim is to explore the mad concept of producing something every day, perhaps I need to set the bar a little lower, get more experimental and quit developing song snippets so much. The question is, is this concept interesting, or am I flailing in the dark rather. What I do best is songwriting and guitar, and that’s more likely to lead to something of worth to the interested or casual listener.

Perhaps the daily concept would have more point if I had some sort of theme driving it other than its my creativity. Listening back to January’s results, my main thrust seems to be to produce as varied and freewheeling a collection as possible. February is bound to sound less engaging…

So do I carry on or not? Alternatively I could skip a month or so, and do another month of dailies in the near future. The deadline looms and still I’m undecided.


About johnnynorms

I write lyrics & sing them in the Many Few, illustrated by doodle art: themanyfew1.bandcamp.com
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2 Responses to Unsound daily?

  1. ian russell says:

    I saw Tommy Cooper live once;

    ”I went to the doctor and I said, ”Doctor, it hurts when I do this” (Tommy raises his arm, elbow crooked, to about eye level).
    ”So the doctor said, ”Don’t do it then”. ”

  2. johnnynorms says:

    That’s a fair point. Tommy is suffering from pint-downing arm I think.

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