Dreams fly out of biro meanderings

Green PintThis post is intended as a quick signpost to my art doodles. For the past 6 years I have been posting my febrile creations to a blog called Elbowroom. You can browse a handy pick of recent ones here in Gallery 08/09 and Gallery 2010.

When I stopped calling these doodles and started with the pretensions of art I don’t know, but they are still steeped in the humble beginnings of Bic biro in the margins. It still works best for me spontaneously, which explains the amount of lined paper used, and the tiny dimensions of most pieces. The work is untrained, but not uninformed (eg. I am a compulsive viewer/reader of modern and contemporary art). It might by turns seem abstract, surreal, expressive or whimsical. It’s very freewheeling, and in a way I don’t know where it’ll go next, which is how I like it.Heavy Light Work

Bay of WrigglersOne day I’ll write some serious “art bollocks speak”, where the work expresses the juxtapostion of paradigms and so forth. The artist’s intentions are to whittle the day away gently and still have something to show for it afterwards.


About johnnynorms

I write lyrics & sing them in the Many Few, illustrated by doodle art: themanyfew1.bandcamp.com
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