Checking in

Just checking in, as I see the wind and tumbleweeds are beginning to occupy the Twisty Turny Lanes.

I haven’t felt inspired to write, and illness compounded it. The Daily Sound was also a casualty. It’s Now and Again Sound at the moment, though I’ve slapped on an arbitrary target of 500 sound snippets in no given time.

Our band are rehearsing again, with a view to gigging around London/South East within the next two months or so. Songwriting is beginning to move slowly – I have dozens of unfinished ones waiting to go into the song workshop and get regalvanised. Whatever the blip that means.

And here’s a quick cultural snapshot of what I’m currently enjoying.
Books: Sartre “Age of Reason” (set in 1938 imminent-War Paris), Olaf Stapledon “Sirius” (a sci-fi book set in the farmland valleys of Wales, where a dog is born with the intelligence of a human), plus a huge Max Ernst book.
Music: Some Eric Dolphy on Spotify, loads of classical – right now piano music by the 20th Century French composer Henri Dutilleux.
Film/TV: Heimat 1, the brilliant series following the story of a German family in a Hunsruck village  from 1919 to 1982 – over 15 hours of it, and then there’s Heimat 2 & 3..
Art: Photomontage at the Whitechapel Gallery; conceptual art & watercolours at Tate Britain. Well attempt a write up soon.


About johnnynorms

I write lyrics & sing them in the Many Few, illustrated by doodle art:
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4 Responses to Checking in

  1. ian russell says:

    Ah, I was thinking of taking in the watercolour exhibition myself, it would be good to read your views. There’s also one running at the Lissom(?) Gallery, sort of mechanical, video and sound art (reviewed in the Guardian yesterday).

    Hope you’re feeling better.

  2. ian russell says:

    this came out of a cracker left over from Christmas,

    Olaf Stapledon and John McEnroe go to Wales, together, to buy two identical looking dogs which they train for Crufts. Olaf’s dog excels at the agility course, solving Fermat’s last theorem and calculating the precise ratio of dark matter to dark energy in the universe on the way round, before scoring fifteen points in the general knowledge section, with no passes. When it’s John’s dog’s turn, it just sits at the starting line licking his bits. Nothing John says can persuade him to set off. After five minutes, the judge announces over the public address that he’s disqualified. John frowns at the dog and screams, ”you can’t be Sirius!”

  3. johnnynorms says:

    Thanks Ian,
    Views now expounded for what they’re worth – hot off the press;
    Will try and make Lissom – never been before.
    What are your plans for London visiting? We might bump into each other.

    Terrible punchline, but it’s the way you tell them.

  4. ian russell says:

    I’ll probably go mid-week. After next week I’ll be what thespians call ”between jobs”. I’m looking forward to it, it’s good to have a sabbatical now and then. We’ve planned a little trip to Stockholm in April so I’m not sure I’ll get up to London any time soon and both exhibitions are on until the end of Summer, I think.

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