Catchy Curiosities

Me and the band are eagerly awaiting a gig this coming weekend. I ransacked my archives for a poster image – this one from my time in the sketchbook exchange. The heading was “Explore a new band”, which made more sense with the explorer character, but catchy curiosities and neural nightmares gives much more of a Many Few flavour to the ad.


About johnnynorms

I write lyrics & sing them in the Many Few, illustrated by doodle art:
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2 Responses to Catchy Curiosities

  1. ian russell says:

    Reigate’s a fair mile… will you record it for us? Have a good night!

    Have you worked on an opening? These are important, I think. Memorable openings from my past have included,
    ”OKAY, this one’s about [insert empathetic, audience grabbing, but extremely brief mots du jour]”
    ”Hello Leatherhead!!” (paraphrased – only works if you’re not actually playing in Leatherhead.)
    ”-” (a personal favourite)

    or just tune up. I went to a gig – possibly Henry Cow – where a band came on and, ignoring the crowd, began tuning up. This seemed to go on for hours until everyone appeared satisfied with their instruments, at which point the leader turned to the audience, thanked them, and introduced the second number.

  2. johnnynorms says:

    That deserves a “bmm tschh”…which our drummer has offered to provide should anyone attempt a gag in their banter. Unfortunately the opening song is the only one I need to count in – just the way it happens.

    I’m not expecting many people to make the pilgrimage to Reigate, we’ll make do with local Reigatians in the main. Might do a rough and ready record of it – there’s no mixing desk at this one, so we’re not expecting to hit gold.

    I used to work in Leatherhead – God forbid we ever end up playing there. It does get a mention in one song, the line goes “..Laughable in Leatherhead, In Stoneleigh, I was stupefied and lonely.” Yes it mentions various other places in Surrey in a self-effacing way. “..I wandered into Cheam with my low self-esteem”. Doesn’t mention Reigate, as I’ve never been there.

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