Tunes Unbidden

This is a little exercise from a few years ago that I found on a scrap of notebook. The idea was to make a note each day of the tunes that popped into my head. They had to be unbidden, and not something that I’d obviously played quite recently. Also disallowed were any of my own compositions. I kept this up for about four weeks – here are the results:

Wed: Robyn Hitchcock – Unconditional Personality Traits
Thur: Bob Marley – Jamming; Fela Kuti – I.T.T; Jackie – White Horses
Mon: Monkees – Theme song
Wed: Kinks – All of my friends were there
Sat: Pere Ubu – Codex; Simon Park Orchestra – Eye Level
Sun: Kinks – Wicked Annabella
Mon: XTC – Don’t lose your temper
Wed: Brian Eno – Some of them are old
Thur: Magazine – Song from under the floorboards; Beatles – All my loving; Terry & June theme tune
Sat: Squeeze – Is that love?; Double Deckers theme tune
Sun: Mothers of Invention – Who are the brain police?
Mon: Penguin Cafe Orchestra – ?
Tue: Satie – [the fish one]
Thur: Happy Mondays – Kinky Afro; Mothers of Invention – I’m not satisfied; ? – Piano Concerto; Monkees – I’m a believer
Fri: Captain Beefheart – Smokin’ stones and beetle bones
Sat: Robyn Hitchcock – So you think you’re in love
Wed: Stereolab – Metronomic Underground
Thur: We three kings; Satie – Je te veux; Beethoven – 5th Symphony
Fri: Dvorak – 8th Symphony; Graham – I buy my fizz at the pop shop
Sat: The Byrds – Goin’ Back; Cliff Richard – The Young Ones
Sun: Zombies – She’s not there
Mon: Small Faces – Itchycoo Park; Mothers of Invention – Blessed Relief; Soft Boys – I wanna destroy you
Thur: David Bowie – Life on Mars; Queen – Don’t Stop me

Also I recognised that there were some bits of music that were quite frequent returners, often in my head – for better or worse! These are:
Camberwick Green/Trumpton tunes; Ivor Cutler – Oho my eyes; Life on an ocean wave; Telstar; Bach – the obvious Brandenburg Concerto; Elvis Costello – Accidents will happen; Dad’s Army theme tune; Stravinsky – Symphony in C; Sibelius – Symphony No.1; Skatalites – Guns of Navarone; It’s a Knockout theme tune (regional); Call my Bluff theme; Everly Brothers: Dream


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I write lyrics & sing them in the Many Few, illustrated by doodle art:
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3 Responses to Tunes Unbidden

  1. ian russell says:

    Are these like those earworms I’ve been hearing about?

  2. johnnynorms says:

    Can one get de-wormed, sometimes I feel I’d like to start again with an empty ear. Earworms a possible band name? Probably one already.

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