Advent 2011, four days late

For some obscure reason I have a look each year to see if there are any new advent calendars on the internet, whether traditional, innovative or alternative. Here are a few door-opening and day-to-day treats for 2011.

Hooting Yard
Frank Key has decided to concoct an arcane and abject assortment of images for this advent. The average adventist might not jump at drainage ditches and lightning-struck cows to mark this time of year, but it seems to befit a generally bleak midwinter.
Hooting Yard

Electric December
Good to see this project is back for another year: Watershed’s short film competition still going strong. A Bristol-based curation of films and animations presented in a 24-day format, with offerings from schools, community groups and art organisations.
Electric December

Music offering per day.

Liverpool Museums
Vintage pictures and info, tied in with local exhibitions.
Liverpool Museums

Best of previous years:
Boston Globe Hubble telescope photos
A breath-taking photo from the cosmos each day. Hubble 2010
Tate the cat
Penny Schenk’s delightful, warm-hearted advent calendar stories featuring Tate the cat.
And also
New York Carver – Medieval Christmas stories, legends and images from the Middle Ages.
Woodlands Junior School – Discover fascinating facts about how Christmas is celebrated in countries around the World.
Penelope Illustration – Each day’s bauble leads to a different illustrator’s contribution.


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I write lyrics & sing them in the Many Few, illustrated by doodle art:
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1 Response to Advent 2011, four days late

  1. ian russell says:

    And I managed to remember Electric December this year, and very good they were too.

    Happy New Year.

    (btw, my printmaking class begins next week – whoo!)

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