Leftovers and Leftunders

Sad Banana Incurable RomanticThis post is just me clearing out my “scrapbook” folder of odds and ends collected from random perusals of the web. I do not know where some came from, but if I ever do I will add the necessary linkage and credit.

1. I expect there are many sad bananas on the internet. I sometimes draw a face on my fruit before eating it – I only ever do that at work.

2. Nice bit of design classic subversion…these days everyone subverts everything on the web, not one thing is sacred.

Perambulator, by Laurie Lipton3. The pencil and charcoal drawing is by Laurie Lipton, and there are more impressive vignettes on her website. A little bit Gorey, a little bit Heath Robinson, a little bit Day of the Dead, they are big and detailed, and not very cheerful.


Poisons espresso cups deadly sins teacup and saucer set

4. A talking point at tea parties – teacups from Etsy seller Vandalized Vintage, sort of appeals to my warped humoural sense, although plates reading “dirty bitch” seem a little old hat nowadays.

Peskine, Anthony - Great Big Stuff, Command Sit, 2007 5. Anthony Peskine chair design, reminiscent of cafes called EAT, and pubs called DRINK, I think that was all the rage in the 90s or 00s.

6. And here we have some hippies as photographed by Herve Gloaguen. They appear to haveHippies, photo Herve Gloaguen caught hippy rash, probably from too much free love, and communing. He seems to have photographed two competing coolists – Miles Davis and Andy Warhol – who IS the coolest of them all? Andy is seen working on bananas, perhaps for the Velvet Underground. Not sad, just indifferent.

Dr Who Invasion of Dinosaurs7. And a touch of personal nostalgia. I still love retro Who. Everyone has their era. Some grew up without a Who at all, I started with flamboyant derring-do Pertwee, was very much in favour of wide-eyed otherworldy bohemian Tom Baker, and carried on watching the other actors intermittently as it all spiralled into disappointment and disappearance. I think I still have my UNIT badge from a weetabix packet somewhere.


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2 Responses to Leftovers and Leftunders

  1. ian russell says:

    I remember William Hartnell. The pre-modernist era, could almost be gothic but I think it was more the effect of black and white and a dodgy Radio Rentals telly. He was a serious actor, Troughton played it more comically, Pertwee serious again, Tom Baker more comical still…who came after? Also note that he became younger as time passed – Hartnell’s Who was actually called Grandfather by his female companion, the latest looks a mere twentysomething.

  2. johnnynorms says:

    Serious again with Peter Davison. I do like new Who too. It’s got enough retro Who ethos built in, with the benefits of shiny new budget, technology and production values. And conversely I love that old debut episode where the policeman shines his torch on the police box in the murky fog for the first time – it’s still very atmospheric, and bristling with mysterious possibilities.

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