Card for our band The Many Few

Our band has now got a website, a card, and a couple of gigs. Hurrah!
Funny to think the first words I utter, apart from any intro, are “I have a half wit for a friend”. Yes, I am looking forward to our 20 minute slot tomorrow in Stockwell, and hoping for longer in three weeks at the Fiddlers Elbow in Camden at their “Olympics” gig. I won’t be running on the spot, just singing and strumming as h’usual.


About johnnynorms

I write lyrics & sing them in the Many Few, illustrated by doodle art:
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  1. johnnynorms says:

    It went well: Plenty of friends turned up and made it into a fun event. We gave a good account of ourselves, and enjoyed it too. We got to do 7 songs in the end. My first words after the banter were indeed “I have a half wit for a friend” followed by Melissa singing “Who thinks that love is something that you can catch. He’s got it bad and he thinks she’ll get it worse. I’m sorry but she had the jabs when she was young, and she won’t be catching that from you.”

  2. ian russell says:

    That’s a good looking site. Is it really free like they say? I’m obliged to do one for professional purposes and haven’t got around to it, don’t want to pay for it.

    Good to see the band doing well. When’s the UK tour?

  3. johnnynorms says:

    Yes, weebly is free – but only if you put up with having weebly in your website address. It costs a mere snippet to get our own manyfew url, but you do have to keep paying the rent year by year.

  4. ian russell says:

    Thanks. I should look into it.

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