New York Torque: part 2

torque2A lovely Autumn ’12 in New York had us walking down from our base in Harlem through Central Park in glorious weather – 3 weeks before a hurricane was to cause mayhem to the city.

We took a boat tour around the Statue of Liberty (it’s still there), we saw a show on Broadway (actually we ended up plumping for a broody Ibsen play instead of any sort of razzamatazz), and we got the lift up the Empire State Building – the view is worth joining the deceptively reasonable queue for (when you think you’re getting in, you’re just joining a new hidden giant snake of a queue).

Landmarks, good food, and a generous plentitude of art and artefacts were the order of our days. Here are some arty moments…

Sculpture by David Smith View in MOMA Telephone direct to Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
All the way through the modern art story, with famous things like Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Rauschenberg’s Bed. Highlight for me was a special exhibition of the Quay Brothers‘ work, including very off-beat commercials, and their better known animated films like “Street of Crocodiles”.

American Museum of Natural History
My weight on the moon from the Hall of African Peoples
Stuffed animal vistas, old fashioned but impressive. Some great quirky African masks and costumes. We took the “escalator to the Big Bang”. There were far too many dinosaurs.

Yours truly at the Gugg  Life forms swarm around larger than life Picasso bust
The best thing at the Guggenheim is the Guggenheim itself – the shape and the space, the gentle coiling slope like a perfectly peeled fruit skin. Photographs by Rineke Dijikstra, plus her film of Scouser school kids trying to get to the heart of Picasso’s Weeping Woman.  Lots of Picasso in the Black and White show, some great, some sketchy, some great and sketchy.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Ancient Egyptian photocopier I think this is by Milton Avery Kenneth Noland painting in the distance
This place is HUGE – we spent at least 5 and a half hours here, from medieval art through Tiffany glass, Egyptian artefacts, armour, Oceanic totems, African fetishes, buddhist garden, and yesteryear’s pop art.

Out and about
IMG_6167 IMG_6071


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