Create and procreate

Dad in hat

Wear a hat when you tell your baby about the world.

I have very recently become a father, with all the mixed blessings that state brings. Yes it’s exciting and shattering helping to look after a brand new personage. However I am a creative soul, and I think it’s important I don’t let the fruits of my noddle wither on the poetic vine. This is why, inspired by Andrea’s doodle-a-day at Big Gay Dragon blog, I am determined to come up with some sort of create per day over at Elbowroom. This could be sound/music/writing or photography, though it’s usually going to be a doodle. Here’s some of the best so far:

New Year Periscope It wouldn't do to let them know you care Fancy Clothes Policeman Flaming Portal What do you know about the moon? Memento Mori Cabinet with no Discernible Door Mr Make-It-Up Delicate Rain Measuring Everyman Stares I like to think I can think

About johnnynorms

I write lyrics & sing them in the Many Few, illustrated by doodle art:
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