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I write lyrics & sing them in the Many Few, illustrated by doodle art:

Some thoughts on being creative

These are notes to myself to keep me inspired in making music. I originally wrote them 29.10.95 but gave them a recent re-edit. At least some of these nuggets are humbly recommended for general creative motivation and cogitation. i. Spontaneity … Continue reading

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Create and procreate

I have very recently become a father, with all the mixed blessings that state brings. Yes it’s exciting and shattering helping to look after a brand new personage. However I am a creative soul, and I think it’s important I … Continue reading

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Annual glimpse of advents

A quick rundown of this year’s online advent calendar shennanigans: As usual (for the 15th year) there’s the Bristol-based Watershed’s marvellous array of short films from young people worldwide, at Electric December. Not quite so excitingly, The Economist are posting one … Continue reading

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Made up pop charts

When I was about 7 I had a year of pop obsession, and wrote a hit record chart of made up names…”Now the Time” by Igloo Band, “Window Box” by Player, “Runaway Horse” by Clapper – that sort of thing, … Continue reading

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New York Torque: part 2

A lovely Autumn ’12 in New York had us walking down from our base in Harlem through Central Park in glorious weather – 3 weeks before a hurricane was to cause mayhem to the city. We took a boat tour … Continue reading

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New York Torque

Last October before New York got battered by a hefty storm (we didn’t plan it that way, just lucky) my fiancee and I visited America for our very first time, spending a number of days in the big apple city … Continue reading

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Bedecked Sharklet

A recent piece of doodle art. 95% of my art at present starts in a distracted moment in a work notebook, and gets a good finishing at home, hence the stray word like Bayboro which has nothing to do with … Continue reading

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Advent 2012

It’s time for my annual search for cool, alternative or failing that, nicely traditional advent calendars. What’s around in 2012? Electric December First and foremost, I’m glad to see yet another year of the short film competition by Bristol-based Watershed … Continue reading

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I No Longer Live Here

This is a triple bill – a song, some pictures, and philosophical pondering – on a common theme. The photos are of our old flat (hardly missed at all).          The words of the song have a melancholic poetry with … Continue reading

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Exquisite Shark, selling me the dark

Dear blog, and dear World, I have been away far too long, time to press some words soon methinks. We have had warmed a house, attended the End of the Road in Dorset, today we nipped up to the Saatchi … Continue reading

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