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Leftovers and Leftunders

This post is just me clearing out my “scrapbook” folder of odds and ends collected from random perusals of the web. I do not know where some came from, but if I ever do I will add the necessary linkage … Continue reading

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Writing about artists

I have long been meaning to start a series of jottings about artists that interest and inspire me, or that intrigue and bamboozle me. Primarily visual artists, especially Modernists and contemporaries. Sometimes it’s their whole body of work that I … Continue reading

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Blundering in.

Winter and procrastination are gripping my bones. I seem to be in a state of non-communication and feeble creativity, but I have faith in this being a temporary morass. well you’ve got to really. I cast a glance at this … Continue reading

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Tunes Unbidden

This is a little exercise from a few years ago that I found on a scrap of notebook. The idea was to make a note each day of the tunes that popped into my head. They had to be unbidden, … Continue reading

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Checking in again

When I started this blog I was really in the mood for writing, but somehow that has worn off again. I don’t know why it comes and goes, but that is the reality of my mind. So, a quick check … Continue reading

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Dreams fly out of biro meanderings

This post is intended as a quick signpost to my art doodles. For the past 6 years I have been posting my febrile creations to a blog called Elbowroom. You can browse a handy pick of recent ones here in … Continue reading

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Unsound daily?

I am in a quandry whether to carry on this┬ádaily sound thing now that I’ve done a month’s worth. Is this exercise going anywhere, or am I treading old ground┬áto little avail? Is this what I need to be spending … Continue reading

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Web Presents

I wrote the following list of my ‘web presence’ though most of them I’m far from present. Crazy amount of places, and I’m sure I’m quite a moderate networker (shy you see). Here goes: Blogger, Facebook, Flickr, Myspace, Virb, Twitter, … Continue reading

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Squirrels, Pointlessness & Feigned Grumpiness

Not been in the mood to write up anything. I am writing spontaneously now just to break the spell a little. The squirrels are running rife in the local green spaces, as though they stereotypically can’t remember where they put … Continue reading

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Cloning around

At last the band met again (4/5s anyway), for another proper studio rehearsal (now we are inducting a drummer), and one more teetering step back to gigging and potential sorta fame. The old fav “Where I Work” got a tweak, … Continue reading

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