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Create and procreate

I have very recently become a father, with all the mixed blessings that state brings. Yes it’s exciting and shattering helping to look after a brand new personage. However I am a creative soul, and I think it’s important I … Continue reading

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Annual glimpse of advents

A quick rundown of this year’s online advent calendar shennanigans: As usual (for the 15th year) there’s the Bristol-based Watershed’s marvellous array of short films from young people worldwide, at Electric December. Not quite so excitingly, The Economist are posting one … Continue reading

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Made up pop charts

When I was about 7 I had a year of pop obsession, and wrote a hit record chart of made up names…”Now the Time” by Igloo Band, “Window Box” by Player, “Runaway Horse” by Clapper – that sort of thing, … Continue reading

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Bedecked Sharklet

A recent piece of doodle art. 95% of my art at present starts in a distracted moment in a work notebook, and gets a good finishing at home, hence the stray word like Bayboro which has nothing to do with … Continue reading

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Exquisite Shark, selling me the dark

Dear blog, and dear World, I have been away far too long, time to press some words soon methinks. We have had warmed a house, attended the End of the Road in Dorset, today we nipped up to the Saatchi … Continue reading

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A Child of Six Could do it!

Two cartoons from the Penguin collection: “A Child of Six Could do it!” – poking fun at Modern Art through the decades.

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My friend Ian ‘Gubbins’ Williams is a keen ornithologist, who would rather be standing in a muddy field enjoying his solitude and a lively tree pippit, than jostling with a cluster of competing twitchers all comparing their binoculars and tripods … Continue reading

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