Daily Sound Project

About this project:
Original aim –  to create a daily audio doodle for a year.
Readjusted aim – now no time constraint, create 500 audio doodles.
What’s an aduio doodle? This could be a whispered voice, a guitar loop, cut and paste, sound collage, song snippet, wall of chords, random notes, lengthy improv, field recording.
Why? Why ever not. It keeps my creative wheels rolling.

Go see hear the latest ones at Daily Sound on SoundCloud.

Some of the best so far

Mini-songs, song snippets & sort-of songs
Feb6 Reasonable Man – Engaging nonsense lyrics obfusticated by echo.
Jan31 Y-not Chromosome – A mini-song. Ain’t DNA grand!
Jan18 I like your energy – Start of a song over a riff.
Jan14 Ocean of Notions – An ingratiating songlet with acoustic guitars and vocals
Jan21 Entropy – Non-emotional song about the death of everything.
Jan13 Oily Substance – Found words (4 lines from a ship’s health & safety report).
Jan8 Where the time goes – short impromptu song.
Jan28 Panorama on a Stick – Songlet – touch of the Might Be Giants?
Instrumentals, ambiences
Jan6 Skooba Diving – Bright guitars on a beat.
Feb13 Listening to the Pips – Gentle atmosphere of guitar.
Jan24 Three More Storeys – Pretty & jaunty guitar tune.
Jan15 Lost Spool – revisiting old loop improvisation technique
Jan7 Skoob2 – Submerged guitar and marimba.
Jan26 Three Speed – A slice of guitar accompanied by itself in slow and fast.
Experimentals, found sound, lost sound
Feb28 Small Amorphous Bang – Percussion, recorder & rubber bands.
Jan20 Bag of Spoons (for Ian) – Just rattling the family silver stainless steel.
Jan16 Uncle Vernon – overheard voices on train
Jan3 Stray Piece of Atmosphere – blowing instruments used improperly.

3 Responses to Daily Sound Project

  1. ian russell says:

    Skooba diving has some flavour of the bhundu boys, maybe in their improvisational period.

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